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News About Kevin

Tailor Made Testimonial!

I went to Kevin at his business Positive Change Hypnotherapy for the purpose of quitting smoking. I had been a non smoker for three years previous but had some how fallen back into smoking. I was determined to quit and with Kevin’s expertise I did just that. The session was great. I was very relaxed […]

Season to be Jolly?

During these difficult times, and with Christmas fast approaching, there are many people suffering from undue Stress or Anxiety. If you think any members of your family, friends or work colleagues could benefit from help in managing their STRESS, or whether they would like to quit smoking or have a boost in their confidence, ask […]

Special Offer!

I am pleased to announce that from now until the end of October 2011 anybody that “LIKES” Positive Change Hypnotherapy on Facebook can avail of a €50.00 discount on their first session of Hypnotherapy. Please “SHARE” on your page as one of your friends may like to avail of this limited offer to quit smoking, […]

The Smokescreen that is Smoking…

So here I go… It was suggested that I start blogging on my website, and if like me you haven’t a clue what that entails you will understand my pain! I researched different topics and quitting smoking was the area that I felt that I should focus on with my first Blog. As an ex-smoker […]

I found this interesting article today concerning smoking replacement products

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